Human Resources

We have a simple aim, which is to provide a personal service to help you address all your personnel issues.

We provide practical advice, support and training on employment law and best practice people issues, enabling you to focus on running your business.

Our expertise is with small/medium-sized employers (SME’s). We understand their problems and apply common sense solutions that meet current employment legislation. We believe in building a strong relationship with clients by visiting their company, not just providing a voice on the telephone.

We provide professional support by highly qualified and experience specialists at reasonable prices, which are a fraction of the cost of employing your own HR Staff.

We offer up to 1 hour free consultation to answer your current problem.

OTC Human Resource Specialists provide a range of personal, cost effective services which includes:

    Business Support Package

"let OTC provide you with the advice and support you need on employment law"

Business Support Package

The Business Support Package is a cost effective longer-term solution for customers with a need for on going HR services rather than one off project work or assignments.


  • Telephone and Email Advice
  • HR Business Support (Advice on Employment Law, Managing Absence, Discipline and Grievance, Recruitment and Selection, Appraisals and Managing Performance, Equality and Diversity at Work)
  • This is a contract offering Personnel Support as an on going service over the 12-month period of the contract. E.g. 12 months

The service includes:

    Personal response for immediate advice, by telephone and email.
    Advice is personal to each organisation to account for the culture within the business
    The problem can be urgent, important, immediate or long-term.
    We make it our business to visit and get to know our clients and the cultural issues of their business.
    We initially undertake an audit of their current HR systems and procedures and provide a detailed report of our findings and any recommendations.


For clients wanting one off projects or assignments to be carried out, such as employment contracts, company handbooks or recruitment campaigns etc.

This can be a stand-alone agreement to undertake a project or assignment. It can also be arranged to operate alongside of the Business Support Package.

Examples of such work include

  •     Company Handbook
  •     Statements of Employment
  •     Recruitment Campaign
  •     Absence Control Mechanisms
  •     Job Descriptions                                                         
  •     Company Induction
  •     Investors in People
  •     Appraisals
  •     Discipline and Grievance
  •     Redundancy Campaign
  •     Policies and Procedures
  •     Maternity, Paternity and Adoption
  •     Communications Systems
  •     Data Protection

We also act as interim managers e.g. covering for your employee, responsible for H.R. matters, when they are on maternity leave or long-term sickness.


We offer full and half day training sessions on HR related topics. Fees are heavily discounted if you subscribe to the Business Support Package above. Some of our courses are listed below:

  •     Employment Law Basics
  •     Employment Law Update
  •     Managing Absence
  •     Disciplinary Training for Line Managers
  •     Recruitment and Selection
  •     Appraisals and Managing Performance
  •     Equality at Work / Bullying and Harassment
  •     Absence Management for Line Managers

Tailor made training courses can be developed and delivered on site to suit your particular business needs.